Do you love to look at beautiful houses?

Not just your run of the mill, suburban cookie cutter McMansion.  No I’m talking about the grand dames, estates that are so exquisite, so outstanding that you practically swoon.  You know the ones.  Historic manors that sit proudly upon a wind swept ocean cliff, or a steamy plantation nestled upon a winding river bend or a crumbling vineyard chateau with it’s green vines spread out over the rolling hills against a bucolic garden?  Those ones.

Never mind that you might not be afford to afford such treasures.

 Ask anyone who has gone to a museum to seek beauty in a Picasso.  For the purchase of a ticket you are transported to another world of beauty and grace.  Estates are more than just homes.  Regal families have always endeavored to leave a lasting legacy of stability, grace and perfection seldom found in today’s world.

Grand estates can transcend the boundaries of your mind.  

Owners created such features as grand courts of honor, stone balusters surrounding an ancient courtyard and pleasure gardens with water fountains that seek not only to impress visitors, but create a visual feast for the eyes.  These homes have been standing for centuries and age with timeless appeal.  Their architecture is as stately today and becomes more so with each passing year.

These special places have not only survived the past, but proudly bear the marks of  the past with moats, towers, gatehouses and past additions that expanded the home over time.  Looking at such properties makes one wonder: who lived there, what families graced it’s halls, spent their fortunes creating them and fought battles to keep their homes safe for future generations.


Revel with me in these ancient wonders of the world to learn about times past of these grand estates and the most fascinating family stories from yesterday.  Listen with your heart as the past comes alive through a glimmer of light that shines on these mostly unknown and sometimes forgotten landmarks.  Their destiny and yours await only your imagination.


7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. bill bloom said:

    I have been reading all your blog’s and all i can say is wow!!!!!!

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    • I always appreciate kind comments about my blogs and hope you enjoy reading them as well as learning from them. What other things would you like to see me write about?

  3. Alex Robianes Hernandez said:

    All i can say is WOW too.. My eyes attract your blog’s , and when i read it so amazing .. Keep up posting …

  4. use snap cubes to make each shape. tell how many

  5. Michelle Heather Dee Anna said:

    Balmoral Castle does not belong to Queen Elizabeth,two different families and these families had higher Royal Status….did the Queen become the Queen because her sister defaulted and chose to step down and did not want the position????

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