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Nothing shouts the presence of a great estate more than a gated entrance.  A gate is the public face of a stately home.

Gates reflect on the family who owns them.

A prelude to a great estate is the entrance gate, which tells the world what to expect if they enter the premises.  Not to be missed, never to be taken lightly, gates give us a sense of mystery.  Especially if we can’t get past it.

Estates without gates are like women without makeup.  They may be beautiful without it, but with it only enhances the already fine features.

Gates are such classic calling cards.  Only by getting past them do we really understand what we’re missing.

Gates have been in existence since defensive walls were first created.

welcome you

 protect those inside

 keep out the unwelcome

 keep in 

provoke awe

 inspire the imagination

 forbid entrance

stand watch over time

and so much more.