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One of the most simple pleasures in life is to be outdoors, sitting under a bed of roses breathing deeply.


Gardens are what make a good house great.  Even if a home is a palace, if there is no lush green foliage outside, well it’s just a house.  So today we celebrate the place on every grand estate that springs forth life itself.

With so many experts telling us over and over to “bring the outside inside” and for most homes in climates that permit, it is the ultimate private retreat.  Yet, there are so many types of gardens that captures the essence of an owners passion for their estate its hard to decide which one.

Garden Types are equivalent to building types (palace, temple, castle, etc) and Garden Styles are equivalent to architectural styles (classical, gothic, baroque, etc).

Flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, rose gardens, formal gardens, wild gardens, white gardens, medincinal gardens, sculpture garden, well you get the point.

I thought a few pictures of my favorite gardens is appropriate with spring in the air.  

Now if I could only create something as beautiful…