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The most special place to find on the grounds of a grand estate is an allée.

The typical definition of an allée is a row of trees or large shrubs that border a path.  But an allée is anything but typical.

An allée can ignite the senses the a firecracker, shooting sparks up into the air.

Allée’s capture the imagination like no other.  Taking decades, even centuries to grow, they belong to estates that prize seduction.

With paths that seem to pull you, beckon you really,  an allée is an exotic indulgence.

A perfect celebration of order and calm.

Let us all have our Allée’s.

Even if it’s a small path.

Particularly if it’s the drive home.

Leading to the house is pleasing to the eye.

With trees dripping moss, it becomes surreal.

Long live the Allée.