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Looking out the window of any vast estate and your eyes will be captivated by the view.

Looking at nature is inspiring, helping sooth those little moments in life which make us realize there is something greater at work in the universe

What really makes a landscapes sing is one particularly important element: water.

Just looking at water makes your stress melt and your mind relax.

Whether its captured in a moment of time from ages ago

From bubbling brook to majestic fountain

swimming or sunning

listening to the soft splashing from a fountain is hypnotic

water is the one element of life that must be preserved

Not just for sheer beauty

But a place of refuge for the weary

An oasis of water transforms the ordinary

into the extraordinary

A study on art and classic composition

To keep us guessing as to how it came to be

A place close to God

A place close to our soul

Water is a reflection of ourselves