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The Woodhouse Estate was built in the early part of the 16th century by the Fitzgerald clan, a branch of the Desmond Geraldine’s.  The FitzGerald family, who for many years held the title of earl of Kildare and were one of the most powerful families in Ireland.

Thomas FitzGerald, who was called Gerrold Mor, began a family dynasty that would fuel a proud Anglo-Irish defiance of England.

Although Thomas ruled Kildare for four decades, Henry VIII had little patience with his hold on Irish rule.

FitzGerald was considered the uncrowned king of Ireland and because of his defiance and large dynasty, would worry the King forcing him to react.

Later, many of the family were thrown into the tower and beheaded for their “uprisings” against the crown.

Ownership of the estate eventually fell into the hands of the Uniacke family, which was passed by inheritance to the Beresford family.

In 1826 a parliamentary election in county Waterford pitted a liberal Protestant against the Catholic Lord George Beresford.

Although Catholics usually voted as their landlords told them (on pain of eviction) the peasantry voted for a Protestant and Lord Beresford lost the election.

Later, the estate was subsequently sold by Lord William Beresford in 1970.

The house has since been extended over the years to become an impressive six bay window residence, with bright and spacious rooms overlooking this private oceanfront estate also has the River Tay flowing through.

A glorious place to watch the seasons unfold in a sublime environment rich in fauna and flora.  With centuries old Beech and Oak trees forming a wood canopy sheltering wild deer and providing a natural habitat to the wily fox and red squirrel.

Oceanside picnics in hidden glades, watch otters playing in the late evening sunshine or perhaps laying on the river bank carpeted in bluebells.

The exceptionally handsome Georgian mansion stands proudly in the most beautiful setting sheltered by a fine stance of mature woodland overlooking the River Tay, which meanders through the grounds and parkland down to the sea.

A beautiful family home, with elegant reception room affording gracious living, yet overflowing with special places for children to lose themselves in serious games of hide and seek.

The Woodhouse Estate adjoins the small, quaint and tranquil village of Stadbully.  Located on the Atlantic coast and views over the sea, the property is in the southeast of Ireland and the pretty village has medieval origins in County Waterford.

Established in Viking times, Woodhouse Estate has relevant history and  riverside charm.

There are multiple buildings that comprise a Gate Lodge, main house, large farm built of cut stone adjacent to the stable yard that has fifteen loose boxes.

There is also a tack room, bathroom that adjoin four hay barns.  There are also three estate cottages.

The Woodhouse Estate is not only part of the history of Ireland, but the very essence of being Irish.