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Stairs are the center of a home, where all the elements of a grand estate pack the best punch.

Testaments to the power and might of a family, stairs can intimidate and over impress.

Stone or wood, carpeted or bare, stairs offer the world a peek into the  private rooms and private life of all houses.

Old stairs that expose a trespass to the kitchen at night.

Stairs that give a front row view of the party.

Stairs that were meant for weddings.

Stairs that have seen better times.

Stairs that are exotic.

Double stairs for symmetry.

Back stairs for the servants.

Adorned with tiles for treads and risers.

Grand landings that lead to another flight.

Circular in design to the tippy top of the house.

Strong and safe for centuries of wear.

Made to look regal with decorations and doors.

Monastic and surreal with wrought iron rails.

Statuesque and superb they expose supreme detailing.

The conductor to any homes symphony.

Settled, serious, demanding attention.

Cold, calculating and secretive.

Long forgotten, humbled and alone.