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Not so long ago, great estates were defined by the number of their horses, carriages and of course their stables.

Not merely a place to keep horses, it was a showcase of equine perfection to broadcast to the world the financial condition and power of the estate.

Men paid huge sums of money and traveled the world over in search of the finest horses bred to ride and pull carriages.

Stables were a luxury of the rich and poor.

Before automobiles, horses provided transportation for century’s and displaying your most valuable assets was a point of pride.

Architects took great care to make the structures not only functional, but beautiful.

Rooms for an office, bridles, saddles, blankets, tools, wagons, buggies and carriages.

Harness, grain, hay, grooms quarters, well you get the picture.

It had to be big!

A world where men could flaunt their masculine nature bigger was always better.

Whether built of wood



or stucco

the exterior design of a stable is based on local building material

historical time frame


and popular architectural styles.

Most were nicer than a typical house.

Ancient relics of the past.

Many gave the impression of being able to eat off the floors and were strikingly clean.

Race horses

polo horses

jumping horses

carriage horses

riding horses

farm horses

stud horses

military horses


So many horses and they all needed a roof over their heads

Because of all the attention, care and maintenance, many stables fell into disrepair after the invention of the auto

What was once a necessity, became a luxury and many families gave up horses altogether and found other uses for these magnificent structures

The loss of those bygone days is recognized by today’s stable owners who desire to pursue their equine freedom and a love of animals trumps their wallet.




Tied to an era of agriculture and self reliance.

Smells of hay, manure, leather and sweat

Hay lofts for jumping from, hiding in and a secret rendezvous…

If I had too, I could live in a stable.

My horse deserves a fine home, but it’s the romance of stables that make them irresistible.