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Kitchens are the heart and soul of a home.

Whether a cozy nook in a cottage

or an ancient heath in a castle

the center of any house is and always will be the kitchen.

Trying to modernize older kitchens for today’s needs isn’t for the faint of heart

Especially when estates of a certain age have old, dark kitchens that were built in basements

Stoves built years ago, but still address our basic needs for cooking

Or stunning new stoves with a fireplace nearby to remind us of yesterday

Ceilings that soar

Ample room for staff

Relics of the past

Turned into modern marvels

Bright and light filled

Airy and inviting

keeping the traditions of the past

while moving into the future

the show stopper

stone and wood stunner

butlers pantry’s

Cupboards to serve yourself

Solid and substantial

Made of brick to last the ages

New flooring and cabinets

furniture that’s not fitted

Keeping the old functioning kitchen and creating another one that’s new

for 2!

More than just storing dishes

An expression of the cook

For serious cooking

Simple and sweet

Serious and sober

The window into the heart of the home is always the kitchen