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Spain is unlike any other European country.

My love of Spain is a flame fanned by the fire of superb architectural details

a fusion of different cultures

and serious design creates a captivating and intoxicating journey

ever changing

pure pastels

needing constant attention

to make their buildings last for centuries

homes on narrow, pedestrian walkways

pinks, greens, blue, yellow and orange

a kaleidoscope of colors

Wrought iron, tile and brick

massive centuries old doors

entrances that embrace elegance

lights and cornices that make a dramatic effect

exquisite handmade tiles

a combination of all 3: brick, tile and wrought iron

promenades for walking

remembering their past

marking their glory

for God and King

mixed with greenery

massive scale of design

bold and functional

colossal up close

symmetry and order

a story told

a name forgotten

from a guilded age

artistic passion

secure in their future

train stations with trees

buildings that breathe

style and substance

facing the world

this and more is Spain