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When I see a great door on a house it’s like lipstick on a woman’s face.  Everything looks balanced and pops.

Doors are used to shut out the world

Invite people in

Really do both

Serious and sassy

Three at once

Looking out at the world

From a captivating vantage point

Reflected upon

In a jewel box


A play on textures



Upon a balcony

Weathered and worn

A door with a view

Not always the main event

But always the destination

Setting the stage

Captured by nature

Semi circled


Hidden from view

Mellowed and worn

Pretty in pink

Tropical and secure

Surrounded in stone


Warm and inviting

Modern and glass

A dramatic entrance

Ancient in character

Light filled window

Inspired and appreciated

Simple and honest

Elegant and coy

Bucolic and sublime

Solid Black

Knockers for knocking

Seriously solid


Humble and proud

Embellished just enough

Or not at all

Catching a glimpse

Under or over a stair

From times past

Embellished and adorned

So centered

So subtle

Whether in a corner

Or straight at you

A well built door

Never fails to impress