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Wine is a luxury everyone should enjoy and great estates have wine cellars to house their private collections of this special life giving substance.

Great estates make building a wine cellar into a work of art

Most are housed in rock or stone vaults under the home

With murals of Spanish influence to create visual old world affect

Lighting for setting the stage

casks painted with wine for visual order

Stocked full of wines from around the world

Or to showcase your personal wine from your very own vineyard

Centuries in the making of a great nectar

More industrial than sexy

A circular room to view the bottles

A chandelier to bring a touch of class

Designed for modern simplicity

A touch of red to represent your Merlot

Light and airy for Chardonnay

Rock and stone for substance

Bottles stored directly into a stone wall

Casks that produce more than you could drink

Locked for protection from those less fortunate

Letting the overflow be sold to others

A friend or two sit and pass the time

Looking to uncover a delicate vintage from years ago

Cozy seating for a group of friends

Kitchen and bottles close together

Hallowed ground of a private sactuary

So many places to open your Cabernet Sauvignon

Places that stir your imagination

Set the tone for the tasting

Keep you entertained and stocked with spirits

Majestic and solemn

Stunning and sober

Copper and wood

Dark and drafty

Light filled and serious

Any place will do close by

Whether bottled or casks

Modern or old

In your home or barn

Dusty bottles a mark of a certain age

That tell a story of a past passion

Stored away for a time and place that is special.