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Located in the heart of Sierra the Hornachuelos of Cordoba, Spain lies the favourite hunting spot of the Spanish King Alfonso XIII.

The French newspaper Le Figaro described the young king as “the happiest and best-loved of all the rulers of the earth”.  Kings around the world have a long history of hunting for pleasure.

The Parque Natural de la Sierra de Hornachuelos or Dark Mountains covers 67,202 hectares and is the largest natural park in the province of Cordoba.

Animals such as vultures, lynx, mongoose, otter and wolf, along with game such as deer and wild boar.

Every year around 70 dears and 50 boars are hunted on this wild game rich estate.

The farm, 1.030 hectares, or 2,545 acres and has two private lakes.

The palatial home was designed and built in 1971 by the eminent architect, historian and writer Mr. Fernando Chueca Goitia.

Goitia, responsible for so many distinguished works such as Madrid’s Cathedral, La Almudena.

The property is over 3000m2 or 32,292 sq. ft. and comprises different sections and apartments linked together by four impressive Arabic-Andalusian courtyards.

There are turrets and a prominent 16m or 51 feet high renaissance style tower.

There are 25 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms,hand crafted entrance hall with gallery and domed ceilings,

bespoke wood panelled ceiling and a great hunters hall.

a large games room, extensive country kitchen and wine cellar.

The estate also includes stables for horses, the keeper’s and other staff lodgings.

Inner architecture is characterised by the magnificence of the Andalusia palatial style, with its ornaments, vaults, archways, ceramic tiles and wooden ceilings.

The beautiful and extraordinary landscaped gardens include a variety of ornamental structures

Orchards, pavilions, private pool and fountains that together resembles the great gardens of Los Alcazares of Seville or the Alhambra of Granada.

Magnificent in structure, encompassing nature and order

Designed for sheer grandeur

Easily a person could get lost in time

A stately and proud heritage of cultures that coincide

Heavily designed with Morish influence

An oasis of luxury in a stunning setting of old world meets new world

 A mansion of not more than 60 years old on land that royalty once walked upon

Blessed by the sun of Spain.