About Me

Hello fellow house lovers.  After many years of dedicating my life to real estate, I wanted to take the best of what I have done and turn it into something creative.  It runs in the family, with both my sons being born during historic restorations and running the construction job site right up to the delivery of my first!

I began my career as a commercial real estate economist by day and historic house renovator by night.  I have been a General Contractor and developer to the amazement of many.  Gone on to big deals and bigger projects.  But my passion has always been historic homes.   

As I walk through an old house my hands instinctively touch the stair railings, listen to my footsteps echo on the hardwood floors and raise my eyes up to the crown molding.  After all, it’s the details in houses, just as in life, that are important.

I’ve not only renovated historic houses, but have built new “old” houses in designated historic districts.  This means that all designs must be approved by a governing body that will determine how well your plans blend with the architecture of the neighborhood.

Now with decades of experience transforming homes (and plenty of mistakes too!) I’ve come full circle to what I really love: the history inside those homes.  After all, it’s the people who make a house’s history special.  Their lives, their families and the events of the times past that weave intricate stories over time making the tapestry of life.

I hope you enjoy the articles and find a sense of peace in viewing the pictures.  Life is too short to not find moments to gaze at beauty.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have or just drop me a line to tell me about your adventures in houses!


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Nanette, I’m very interested in Bellamont. Do you live there? What is the current status of the house? And do you have any idea on how much it is for sale for. I have noticed that the house has disappeared off many of the websites that have it for sale. Any information you could share would be highly appreciated. Thank you JB

  2. janice richarson said:

    is Bellamont Forest now up for auction is that what you refer to as the big day?

    • Janice,
      No that was when the blog I wrote about the property was to be published. It is for sale, but there have been some issues with damage and heirs removing vital busts from the walls of the home. The future is uncertain at this point.

  3. janice richarson said:

    Or are you refering to something as exciting as a wedding, I have only just found your blog and i too have an interest in Bellamont.

    • Janice,
      No wedding, I wish! My interest in Bellamont is that it regains the status it deserves after Mr Coote did such hard work restoring the property. It will one day be bought and I hope the person is blessed by it’s sheer beauty and pride of place.

  4. janice richarson said:

    yes it is a wonderful house I do have an interest in it for its restoration, I would love to have a chat to you about it rather than on here as you may have more info on where things are at with it as such, as obviously the Estate Agent Wm is not giving much away if you feel you can chat and you get to see my email address with it being to your blog, could you drop me some contact details, would love a chat.

  5. Please feel free to email me direct:
    I will do my best to help you anyway I can.

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